Welcome to the world of Organic Farming

Royaltinge, is a humble beginning of spreading awareness of Organic Farming in India.  As we know the ”Little drop of water makes a mighty ocean.”

                        On the similar lines, royaltinge, Organic Farming In India, is an attempt to reach the maximum farming community to bring sustainable agriculture practices into their farm. A world is facing the ill-effects of conventional farming. It is high time to look back to nature & following the principles of Nature, our beloved Earth will save from the dangers of soil pollution, plastic pollution& water pollution.

Organic Farming is one of the ways to control the further loss of Natural Resources.

 Also, we will explore the other income generation  activities with the main focus on Organic Farming .

So Stay Green, Be Organic…


                         We are inviting the Authors/ Writers to promote their own research related to topics are as below :

                         Organic Farming,

                          Hydroponic farming,

                          Mushroom Cultivation,


                          Organic Manure,

                          Zero Budget Natural Farming,

                          Agricultural Extension

                          and   So many… 

 All topics related to Research and development in agriculture.

The basic purpose of free publication of agriculture research is that most of the research or recent developments in any of the above domain need to be reached to the common man. 

If research is implemented by our farming community it will fruitful for all of us as well. 

”Organic Farming has value, Organic Farming deserves value, Organic Farming creates value. We here think, implement, curate, ideate, discuss, question things & people around us about how we can build & execute the strategies to promote & celebrate the growth of Organic Farming.”

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