As we already know the recent developments in Organic Farming in India.Top Brands in Organic Farming in India

1.Forest Essentials

It mainly based in Uttarakhand. Its main products include beauty & wellness products. This brand has a unique identity that their products have not been tested on animals, means they are selling  100% pure organic.

2. Sresta Natural Bioproducts

This brand has a unique proposition of natural solutions & cutting -edge technology.  They developed India’s first CO2 Treatment facility. Their major area of operation in the supply chain management & packaging facility. 

3. Organic India

It is a major Export Brand of India in the Herbal & Ayurveda Products. They manufacture, processes & markets these products.

4. Conscious Food

It is based in Mumbai since 1990.It is online trusted brand for organic food.

5. Himalaya Herbals

It was founded in 1930. Basically, the main aim of this brand is to promote Ayurveda practices. The products include the food supplements & herbal personal care products.

6. Samruddhi Organic Farm

This is based in Pune. Mainly follows the vedic & biodynamic methods of farming.

7. Eco Life

It is the largest producer of Organic Rice in India.Its main products are ancient grains,beans & pulses. 

8. Organa 

It is specialize in Organic Fruit Juices.


9. Last Forest Enterprises

The organisation is based in the remote areas of Nilgiris, providing the marketplace for various stakeholders. Their major contribution is the indigenous production of honey & related natural products.

10. Pascati 

It is the first certified organic chocolate from India.

11. Morarka Foundation

It is based in Jaipur, providing Organic Farming & certifications.

12. Ecofarms

It was one of the oldest organic farming project in Maharashtra to promote sustainable organic farming practices.

Top Emerging Brands in Organic Farming

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