What is Hydroponics?

                Hydroponics is a technique of growing plant without using soil. It is not a traditional method of growing plants on the farm. It uses mineral-rich nutrient to grow plants.  One of the climate-resilient method to earn income from home. Hydroponics is the way towards self-sufficiency in a modern world.

Initial Set- up of  the cost of Hydroponic Farming

The initial cost of setting the Hydroponics Farm is very high. Depending on the climate & atmospheric temperature, you need to devise a relevant strategy for the particular crop.

Is there any Government Support/ Subsidy for the Hydroponics?

Yes, it is available. The subsidy is available under the different state government. 

Currently, the Government of Maharashtra announced the 50% subsidy for Hydroponics for growing animal fodder. 

And for other states visit the National Horticulture Board Website to know the various subsidy available for the Hydroponics-


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