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How to get organic certification for your product?

organic farming certification

To align with the International Standards, There are three Government Bodies involve in the  Certification Process.

  1. APEDA (Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) is to implement the National Programme on Organic Production.

  2. National Centre for Organic Farming to give the Participatory Guarantee System in India.

  3. FSSAI(Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) to regulate the food safety standards of packaged organic food & beverages products. 

Steps Followed by APEDA:

certification process

You need to follow guidelines as specified by the National Standards of Organic Products( NSOP). It is the Government Organisation established in 2000 to promote organic farming in India.

NPOP Guiding Principles

  • Conversion of land without the use of Chemical Fertilizer.Following the Natural Process For Organic Farming

  •  Use of Natural Farm Inputs

  • Avoiding the Genetically Modified Inputs or Irrigation Technology

  • Integration of All Natural Processes like Physical, Biological & Mechanical must be followed at all times

  • No interference of nearby Sites/Farms 

  • Best Sustainable Practices must be taken                                    

National Program for  Organic  Production(NPOP)

              Government  Of India from 2001  promoting Organic Farming through third-party certification under  NPOP.  Through stringent standards & better-quality for exports, it is the body who is giving information systems criteria & procedures for accreditation. The standards & procedures are in align with Codex and International  Federation  Of  Organic  Agriculture  Movements  (IFOAM).  It got recognition from the European  Commission &  Switzerland.  It also got the recognition from the National  Organic  Programme(NOP) of the United  States Department of Agriculture(USDA).             

              Organic certification can be given to ALL TYPES OF Agricultural Produce. Mainly, the certification is provided to Produce & not for the land. farmers are having the groups of minimum 25 & maximum 500 in the same geographical area can apply for their produce. Here is the more information on certification agencies


You can log in from the above link to trace your organic produce.


This is the logo you got after certification.

The total cost of getting Organic Products certification is around 10000 – 60000.

It will take around 3 years to get certification from the APEDA.


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