Here is the list of accredited bodies who work under the NPOP. Currently, there are up to 29 bodies recognised by APEDA. Their main work includes:

  1.Verification of farms

  2. Inspection of Organic Produce Storage

  3. Inspection of Processing Units

You can check on detail list of Certification Agencies. The list is taken from APEDA. This list is only for Educational Purpose.

1.Bureau Veritas (India) Pvt. Limited

2.ECOCERT India Pvt. Ltd.

3.IMO Control Pvt. Ltd. 

4.Indian Organic Certification Agency 

5.Lacon Quality Certification Pvt.Ltd

6.OneCert International Private Ltd.

7.SGS India Pvt Ltd.

8. CU Inspection India Pvt Ltd.

9. Uttarakhand State Organic Certification Agency (USOCA)

10. APOF Organic Certification Agency

11. Rajasthan State Organic Certification Agency (RSOCA)

12. Vedic Organic Certification Agency

13.Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products(ISCOP)

14. TQ Cert Services Private Limited

15. Aditi Organic Certification Pvt.Ltd

16. Chhattisgarh Certification Society, India.

17. Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department(TNOCD)

18. Intertek India Pvt.Ltd

19. Madhya Pradesh Organic Certification Agency

20. Odisha State Organic Certification Agency (OSACA)

21. Natural Organic Certification Agro Pvt. Ltd

22.Fair Cert Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.

23. Gujarat Organic Products Certification Agency(GOPCA)

24. Uttar Pradesh State Organic Certification Agency

25. Karnataka State Organic Certification Agency

26. Sikkim State Organic Certification Agency (SSOCA)

27. Global Certification Society

28. GreenCert Biosolutions Pvt.Ltd

29. Telangana State Organic Certification Agency





Certification Agencies

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